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Custom Canes For The Young At Heart

I Hope I'm Fly Before I Get Old!


Hello, I'm Ian & I started GenXcess after needing a stick myself for the 1st time in my forties and discovering the world treated me differently. Having a stick seemed to age me in people's minds by 20+ years.

Well, I thought; to hell with that!

My goal became providing fun, carefully developed products; made for those weary before their time, like myself, who wanted to take ownership of this new dynamic in their life.

I want to provide a way for people to connect with their kids & grandkids too by not only normalizing stick use and removing any stigma; but using it as a way to connect with them.

Maybe you have a special event coming up and want something to match your outfit or make an impact?

So, why not try a bit of OUR style? Or better yet; let me custom build something for YOUR style!

We are not spending our autumn years in a care home listening to Vera Lynn!

Now is the time to get that theme music for walking down the street that you always wanted.

For full product descriptions; please go to the Shop tab and peruse the category listings.


However, please be aware whilst all items are custom built; they have not been subjected to industry standard testing for walking aids. As such; all items are sold as "costume items" and used at the buyer's discretion & risk. Please see the Recycling & Reuse section below for more detail on my manufacturing process.

Also, please check out "The Strange Mole Show" on your podcast player of choice for some satirical, political comedy sketches!


Recycling & Reuse

- All builds are made by me in my garage.

- I source all materials as locally as possible.

- I do not use any chemical stripping agents or acids.

- Paints & Varnishes are sourced from recycling retailers to reduce waste as much as possible.

- The core walking stick & crutch components in all builds (unless specified) are reworked items in line with my recycling goals & to ensure safety. e.g The Story Stick, Character Crutches & Comic Canes.

- The Boom Stick range aims to reduce plastic waste by repurposing discarded toys & providing an inter-generational learning opportunity on recycling possibilities.
- Staffs are foraged from local parks in Bristol after the trees are cut or fall due to weather conditions.

- Cosplay creations utilize pieces of interesting recycled bric-a-brac and foraged wood.

- Technical/Electronic components such as Bluetooth speakers are new for quality control.

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